Tuesday, 28 May 2013



You've been falling for days now and while most find your presence dull, I delight in it. Every drop. Delight. 
Yesterday you stained my suede shoes and today you clung to my stockings and made my skin cold. 
I do not carry an umbrella, for of them I am fearful. I let you cover me. 
I walk slowly under open sky and I catch you on my face. There you linger until thoughts of you warm my cheeks from the inside out. So much so that you disappear, back into sky's eyes. 
You are so many and so much all at once. Over and over again you fall. Eternal water for which earth calls. 
Where do you reside when the world is dry? Who decides when you descend? Where do you hide, if not in blue sky? I cannot comprehend. 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013



I have been watching you. Observing. Noticing. 
Twice this week you have been sleeping still when I have crawled from the warmth of blankets. Though I suppose my mind was still sleeping with you. Peaceful. 
We wake together, eyes opening slow to let the sun into our souls. Our spirits. Absorb. 
Three times you have kept star eyes open for me. Star eyes that whisper dreams until I am sleeping.
Four times you have let light be bright between breezes and warmed these winter days. 
A thousand times will I be thankful. A thousand times high. 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

note to self

Count to ten when your eyes become the sea and breathe baby, breathe.



I can feel that you are fading and though I have been longing for Winter I am afraid for you to go. You will be back and with your return will come warmth once again but until then what am I to do? Am I to love Winter? To speak of my love for her? Or am I to be cold to her? To blow back upon her the icy winds with which she covers me?
Tell me Summer, tell me what to do. Fold into my soul your flowers for I fear my heart will fail, fickle without a touch of Summer inside.
Follow me. Help me not to forget.


Monday, 22 April 2013



I hear your song but I cannot see you.
It saddens me to know that you are so near but far enough that I cannot touch your feathered chest. It saddens me so that I cannot rest.
Tell me, what colour are your wings? Do they beat, heart-like when you fly? What does the world look like from where you are? What do you think when you are way up there?
Do birds cry? Do you? I do.
Sing me morning songs, sing me to sleep.
Tell me, what kind of bird are you?


Saturday, 20 April 2013



You have been by my bedside for nine days now and I don't want to let you go. I never did.
I've watched you grow in those nine days and you are bigger. Much bigger. You should be so proud, petal.
The day I found you I was weeping and I brought you home to make me happy. Though I am weeping still. I am weeping for you because in my heart I know you can't stay. I thought about hanging you up to dry by the window so I could keep you forever but something told me that I need to put you back, beneath the dirt. The dust. When I looked at you I knew it was true.
Though in my heart is hope that when I do so you will let your soul grow, that you will become a thousand petals instead of just one. Hope that I can bring you home to make me happy. A thousand times.


Friday, 19 April 2013



Do you remember me? I sat in your arms not long ago. You swayed in the autumn wind but I held on. I wrapped my fingers around your limbs like I'd seen a raven do. When you spoke it was a whisper, I spoke back. I whispered too.
One day more recently the earth rattled your bones. Mine too. The autumn winds carried me down and your tree feet cushioned my fall.
For that I thank you.
Then from the ground I flew like I'd seen the raven do. For that I apologise.
Whisper to me, willow weeping. Whisper humble oak and dig your roots deep for safe keeping.
Forget not that I remember you.


Thursday, 18 April 2013



I saw a picture of you today. It made my heart swell. I long to see you standing by the deep blue, her whispers washing over your big mountain toes.
My mind tricks and torments with thoughts of you. Tickles heart tides. Echoes your call, 'Come to me'.
One day soon I promise I will. I will travel far and admire you from the bridge before I take all the steps towards you. Maybe if I am strong enough I will climb you like I once said I would.
I will come to you. One day soon. I ask that you make a place for me to close my eyes a while. And I ask that you do not crumble before I get there.