Tuesday, 28 May 2013



You've been falling for days now and while most find your presence dull, I delight in it. Every drop. Delight. 
Yesterday you stained my suede shoes and today you clung to my stockings and made my skin cold. 
I do not carry an umbrella, for of them I am fearful. I let you cover me. 
I walk slowly under open sky and I catch you on my face. There you linger until thoughts of you warm my cheeks from the inside out. So much so that you disappear, back into sky's eyes. 
You are so many and so much all at once. Over and over again you fall. Eternal water for which earth calls. 
Where do you reside when the world is dry? Who decides when you descend? Where do you hide, if not in blue sky? I cannot comprehend. 


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